Author Lisa Meltzer Penn

elcome to Lisa Meltzer Penn's website!
You'll find fascinating facts and juicy excerpts from her novel, The Siren Dialogues, and other writing, as well as a link to her blog, Lisa Melts Her Pen (yes, she enjoys puns...), where you'll find regular installments delving into the murky links between writing, the subconscious, family, and life as we know it: a chronicle of what lies between the pen and the page.

Lisa's writing is permeated by the sound of bones cracking open in soup pots, the call of voices out of the darkness, icy fingers of wind and branches whipping in your face, the alarm of the twin towers falling. The past leaks into the present; poetry leaks into prose. Sound interesting? Click on some of the links and let yourself fall right in. Don't worry: you can always find your way back home(page).

From The Siren Dialogues:
"The last of the fragile daylight was precious and belonged to them alone, empty of voices as it drew a curtain over the water route to the mainland."

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