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Tuesday, August 16, 7pm PST: I’ll be interviewing author Mike Chen about his new book Light Years From Home for the San Mateo County Libraries . Please join me for this fun virtual conversation!

Hot Off the Press! My story, “A Kiss Is A Kiss” is featured in the California Writers Club Fault Zone Anthology: Fault Zone: Reverse (December 2021) —I emcee’d our first public reading on July 31. It was a blast!


The Siren Dialogues When Libby, a young ghostwriter haunted by a painful choice from her past, takes a job on an idyllic island, she finds that what her employer really wants is help finding the lost love of his life—who he claims is a mermaid.

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Lisa Melts Her Pen explores the links between writing, the sub-conscious, and life as we know it.

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The last of the fragile daylight was precious and belonged to them alone, empty of voices as it drew a curtain over the water route to the mainland.

The Siren Dialogues

One could say the plot of land was unloved. But Earth prefers other forms of love, like fire and rain and roots, like worms tunneling earth through their elastic bodies. And fences mean nothing to the worms as they go about their silent and unseen business.

Year of the Rabbit

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