I’m Back!

I am Lazarus, rising from the dead.

I am the Phoenix from the fire.

I am a cicada on a pre-ordained cycle, crawling up from my long sleep in the ground.

My children have grown up since I last posted on this blog. One is in college, and one at the height of high school.

I’ve been president of the San Francisco Peninsula California Writers Club (and wrote monthly posts there for the duration.)

I’ve completely rewritten The Siren Dialogues manuscript, which is currently winging its way to many agents in its path to finding the right match. I pour out my heart in query letter after query letter, I fall in love with some literary agents on the page, yet I know that most of my love will be unrequited. I may not even get a rejection. Just, nothing. But the cicada keeps going until she finds the right mate. She doesn’t pause or rest.

I got a Springer Spaniel puppy and she grew up, too.

I’ve blown out a couple more anterior cruciate ligaments. (See: Springer Spaniel puppy.)

I’m still married to one of the greatest guys on earth.

I’m still living on the San Francisco Peninsula.

I’m still writing.

I’m still me.

Thank you to the talented Mary E., for resurrecting this website. Mary created my very first, very pretty website when I won her services in a preschool auction, and is generously helping me out again. Or else she is taking pity on me. Did I say our kids are almost out of high school now?

Nevertheless, I’m refreshed from my long sleep, my long dreams. I’ve published stories and started new projects. It’s amazing what can develop underground. I’m ready now. I’m starting again.

10 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Lisa, congratulations on the revival of your website. It’s lovely, and you should be proud. I look forward to reading your posts and whatever you share. And it’s a rebirth of more than a website, as you say. Whatever it is, I’m in your corner. And take a moment to consider my story: I began a revival, if that’s what we can call it, a lot older than you are now and I’m going strong. To me, you’re just a kid getting started! Start them engines! Rock on!

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  2. Rebirth is where it’s at during these strange times. Congratulations on yours! I’ve had one too. Since I finished writing for the magazine, I’m back to writing the fun essays I so love.

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  3. Congratulations on reviving your blog. I love the photo! (that’s you in the wings, right?) It sounds like you’ve been very busy while keeping quiet, which I find very inspiring. Looking forward to reading more of your inspiring posts.

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    1. Thanks, Ann–I’m glad I can inspire! And it was great to see you online with Elizabeth and Ellen last night. No, that’s not me in the wings. It’s a surrogate. In spite of working with children’s and picture books back in NY publishing, I used to rely only on words for my own work. It’s definitely fun seeing how words and images can work together.


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