Dog Blog #2

I was just glancing at my NaNoWriMo files. I am a Winner! My goal for National Novel Writing Month was 50,000 words and ten short story drafts in the 30 days of November. I completed 50,000 words and drafted fourteen short stories. What I didn’t realize was that my intrepid Springer Spaniel, Ruby Penn, drafted her own blog post on November 2. Somehow I missed it until today. And she’s so poetic! So, here’s Ruby’s second Guest Post, alias Dog Blog #2:


My human says she is a writer. She will write 50,000 words in November. Na-No-Wri-Mo.

I will write no words. I will say no words. Not in November, or any month ever.

But I will communicate a lot and experience a lot. I will talk about sense of smell with specifics and soul.

And how I study you and watch what you do for clues.

And how I don’t hold a grudge, even when you leave me or don’t take time for me.

I am ever ready to be cheerful given the right thing. That thing is always outside, out of doors, out of the house, not here. Into the world of smells and sights. Into the world of sound. Into the world of pawprints and snail slides, into the world of bees and shadows and crows. Into the old world, each moment made anew.

15 thoughts on “Dog Blog #2

  1. I was not surprised that the author of this piece was a Springer Spaniel. Intelligence and wit do not elude this breed. I miss my Springer, Fella, to this very day.

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  2. Ruby-Please remember that chasing squirrels in the yard — even if you don’t catch them — is an intelligent and worthy activity. All the best dogs do it with relish, and I hope you will too. Your pet pal, Quigley

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  3. Supporters such as spouses and family pets help make writing possible. Even spouses and family pets who have crossed over the rainbow bridge.

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  4. Dear Audrey, I didn’t know you cared. I thought you liked cats better. But I will consider your offer per my dog calendar, a.k.a. nose to the ground. Thank you for your kind words. It’s nice to be appreciated even if you don’t like my leaping to greet you at the door. I mean, when you used to come to the door. Nobody comes to the door anymore except to deliver packages that are not for me. Heavy, heavy sigh.


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